#8 X-Rays Of Pregnant Animal Bellies That We Can’t Decide Are Cute Or Creepy ?

It’s a common thing among humans to share pictures of babies still in the womb. However, even if you think you’ve seen it all, these X-ray pictures of pregnant animal bellies is something that will make you say ‘OMG’!

Nature is full of interesting facts! Did you know that when it comes to pregnancy, opposums have it the easiest – it takes only 14 days, whereas elephant females spend up to 23 months being pregnant. The Guinness World Record for most puppies in a litter is 24 pups, and MALE seahorses give birth to an average of around 200 hatchlings.

 #1 X-Ray Of A Pregnant Turtle
#2 An X-Ray Of A Pregnant Francois Langur Monkey
#3 Pregnant Dog X-Ray
#4 Snekception
#5 A Pregnant Kiwi
#6 Pregnant Cat X-Ray
#7 An X-Ray Of A Pregnant Guinea Pig?
#8 An X-Ray Of Pregnant Muntjac Deer

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